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Adulting isn’t for the faint of heart and you’ve got to celebrate the incremental wins. Protecting your loved ones is a total win. So, protect your loved ones, eliminate the stress AND check something off that long to-do list.

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Now you can fill that space, formerly known as worry, with pretty much anything that’s more fun than fear and frustration. Better watch it though, this feeling can be addictive…but, you can always come back for more coverage. No worries!

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We put together a team of crazy smart developers and built an engine that gives you fast and easy options with little to no hassle. Psshh what more could you ask for!?


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Check. Check. Check. Few things in life bring more joy than a completed task. So end the torment today and opt for all the feel goods. Just click that button right there – yeah you see it.

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No one wants to spend more time than necessary dealing with their Life Insurance. That’s exactly why we’re here.


Insurance can be fast and cool.

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No joke, filled out the quote form, bought the policy and was covered fast! I like simple and this exceeded my expectations

- Glen from Chicago

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