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We used 21st Century technology to make this process easy. Because honestly, no one wants to spend more time than necessary dealing with their life insurance.

Our Mission

Make life insurance easy and fast.

Expecting some long corporate statement? We like to keep things easy – just like our life insurance coverage. We also enjoy checking things off lists – any list. Admit it, getting things done brings relief and allows you to keep moving forward. Right!?

So, get it done!


We laugh. We cry. We create. There have been some serious tears shed through this process – a true labor of love.

So, who are we? Well, we’re a lean team of forward-thinking tech-savvy geeks who believe:

  • You can be the master of your domain.
  • Our technology can save you time.
  • We’ve eliminated the middle-man because, well, technology.
  • Our technology can permanently solve your problem.
  • There should be no roadblocks when trying to do the right thing.

Wanna Work With Us?

We love fresh ideas, good energy and resourceful, hard-working people. While our team is the right size now, we’re lookin’ to the future. So send us your resume and tell us why you think life insurance is important.

Oh! And tell us about you – what makes you tick? Simply email us at info@15minuteinsurance.com.